[vorbis-dev] Lyra2 Support

Francois Isabelle isabellf at sympatico.ca
Wed Sep 4 18:05:20 PDT 2002

   I want to implement Ogg Vorbis support for the Lyra2 protable player but need help.

I would like to get additionnal information on the tools (and agreements) needed to develop support code for additionnal file formats for the Lyra2, such as Ogg Vorbis.
Thompson is big, please forward my request to adequate department.

<p>(Not so ) Technical Info 
   RCA (Thompson) uses the NEC 784036 Microcontroller on a portable MP3 player (Lyra2-rd2211).
They are strong supporter of the mp3 format ( for which they hold a patent )
The audio stuff is done with a TI TMS320VC5410 DSP.
The RCA player relies on external "dsp programs" to play the actual audio stream in a manner I don't fully understand yet.

I don't have every details for now, but the player logical blocks look like this
/ cFlash         /
/    os          /
/    audio files /
/    dsp files   /
/    config file /
   |  /------------/
   |  /  UI/KeyPad /
   |  /------------/
   |       |
/-------------/    /-------/   /--------------/
/  Nec uC     /----/  DSP  /---/ Audio Stuff  /
/-------------/    /-------/   /--------------/

The architecture allows someone to add "dsp file" intepreter for a given stream format.
Someone in an estern europeen country distributed a lyra wma add-on allowing users to play wma ;-(
Unfortunately I haven't been able to contact this persion, he could have help me figuring how to build my lyra ogg vorbis
support file.

For sure, strong DSP knowledge is needed and I have no experience with DSPs.
I never worked with the NEC micro , I bet this wouldn't be a problem if DSP coupling is not too high...

But I need help, maybe Thompson will be nice enough to care about Vorbis support on it's player.

If anyone have some time to check this:
There's a yahoo mailist list out there, they try to crack the player to support unencrypted mp3
I'm trying to turn their interest to Vorbis support.

This could be one of the first portable mp3 player supporting Vorbis

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