[vorbis-dev] Vorbis is low on artifacts but EQ isn't good

Conrad Parker conrad at vergenet.net
Wed Sep 4 07:13:51 PDT 2002

On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 02:56:22PM +0200, MiwongShaib wrote:
> > My benchmark audio track is composed by me and you can find it here
> > http://www.trombettworks.com/drumswork.php
> > in losslessly compressed version
> I forgot to mention that it's a self extracting Windows RAR archive. Under Linux
> I THINK the freeware Unrar should be able to decompress it even if it's an exe
> self extracting format. I have just put a link in the page for downloading the
> Unrar for Linux.
> Thanks Conrad for pointing out the problem.
> I don't have Linux so I can't test the thing... Can anybody with Linux check if
> the unrar I have uploaded will work on the archive?

yep, that unrar works on my x86 Linux (glibc2.2) box. it won't work on
many other systems though (eg. Linux on ARM or Mac OS X on ... mac).

it extracted fine (one copyright notice and one wav file). It played
fine (I see what you mean, there's some really well defined synth sounds
in there, it looks like icicles).

Let me know if the duration looks correct, if not my download screwed up:

conrad at screech:~/tmp/DrumsworkLossless% sfinfo DrumsworkLossless.wav
File Name      DrumsworkLossless.wav
File Format    Microsoft RIFF WAVE Format (wave)
Data Format    16-bit integer (2's complement, little endian)
Audio Data     19145340 bytes begins at offset 46 (2e hex)
               2 channels, 4786335 frames
               Sampling Rate  44100.00 Hz
               Duration       108.53 seconds

<p>I recall there were some licensing issues with unrar hence it's not
included in Debian GNU/Linux, so in blatant violation of your copyright
notice I've put a .tar file of the same contents up at:


feel free to grab it and put it on your site; you can get GNU tar from:

let me know if you want me to remove that .tar file anytime :)

anyway, that's a pretty effective benchmark track ...

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