[vorbis-dev] Bad ogg? Or bug in decoder?

Firelight Technologies support at fmod.org
Fri Oct 25 21:11:09 PDT 2002

Could somone who knows the fileformat have a look at this?
(its only 9kb)

The file should be about 420ms long, or 18,800 pcm samples (not exact),
but ov_pcm_total is returning 13392, and ov_time_total is returning
The result is when I unpack it, the end is chopped off because I
allocate ram based on the ov_pcm_total value.  
It's just the information functions that are wrong, because if you
actually decode it to the end until ov_read returns -1 it comes out ok.

Someone just sent this file to me, I usually don’t have problems like
this, im not sure if the file is encoded with an old encoder or
something? Or is there something wrong?

Brett Paterson
CEO / Lead Programmer.
Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd.
FMOD SoundSystem

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