[vorbis-dev] License and changes (was: DropOgg for MacOS.)

Lourens Veen jsr at dds.nl
Wed Jan 31 06:25:44 PST 2001

> > Hey that's strange. I thought you were allowed to make changes to the
> > lib and keep them private, as long as you don't distribute them. But I
> > checked the LGPL and you're right, they have to be made available. I
> > think this is a bit strange, but I suppose RMS has his reasons.
> How do you figure?  As far as I remember, both the GPL and LGPL only kick in
> once you distributed your software.  I can do whatever I want to vorbis, but
> as soon as I "distribute" (ex: release a program that uses the library) it to
> another person, I have to do it in a way that conforms to the LGPL.
> The GPL requires nothing of private copies.  It's just that private copies are
> only of limited utility to a programmer.
> ---
> Stan Seibert

You're right, I mis-read and so what I thought at first is correct. It
only kicks in when you're distributing things. It would be rather silly
to require the person who modifies the code to disclose the source to
himself :)


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