[vorbis-dev] DropOgg for MacOS.

Michael Smith msmith at xn.com.au
Tue Jan 30 20:26:04 PST 2001

OmegaDan wrote:
> I'm sorry -- I wasn't very verbose :)
> I meant to ask about the linking --
> I am developing a sound system for a (commerical) videogame, which will use
> vorbis / ogg unmodified.  Unfourtantley I can't release the source for the
> sound system (not my choice) -- Does this mean I cannot statically link the
> vorbis/ogg to my sound system dll and be in compliance with the LGPL ?
> I've read a couple conflicting interpretations of the lgpl whch is why I
> ask.

You may do either of the following:
  Use dynamically linked libvorbis/libogg.
  Use statically linked libvorbis/libogg, but also provide the original
object files so that an end-user can (if he/she wanted, which is pretty
unlikely, but that's how the LGPL works) re-link it. In this case I
_think_ it is sufficient (I'm not certain, though) to provide the object
files on demand (i.e. you don't actually have to include them with the
product, you may instead include an offer for the files). 

Neither of these options require you to make the source available,
unlike the GPL.

Basically, it must be possible for the end-user to replace the libvorbis
you've used with a different one (perhaps a newer, faster version.)

It is, in the end, much easier to just dynamically link these libraries
- you can easily enough just dump them in the same directory as the rest
of the sound system.


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