[vorbis-dev] ogg pic format (again).. here's why

Marshall Eubanks tme at 21rst-century.com
Sat Jan 27 06:00:50 PST 2001

Monty wrote:
> > A few possibilities:
> >
> > 1) Grand Moff Tarkin - the nasty governor in Star Wars played by Peter Cushing.
> > (I hope Lucasfilm Ltd. doesn't have trademark issues with this...)
> Yes, that's the one we were directly thinking of.  As for a trademark,
> unless Grand Moff Tarkin was actually a video codec cleverly disguised
> as an on-screen heavy, Lucasfils couldn't do anything about it.

The Moff you know is better than the one you don't...

(from one of the bounty hunters books...)

> > 2) St. Tarkin - Scottish Bishop in the 700's.
> Argh, another Scottish name.  Now I'll be getting mail from everyone
> named Ogg *and* Tarkin.
> Monty


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