[vorbis-dev] DWIT

David Willmore n0ymv at callsign.net
Thu Jan 25 20:50:19 PST 2001

> Actually I think we both forgot the biggie - "well".  We can't  detect bass
> direction well. We can't detect mid to high range phase well. In fact, we
> aren't totally unable to detect most of these things, and when our ears latch
>  on
> to the defects they tend to focus on them - at least mine do.

I'm confused by this.  Maybe I'm a muntant--it wouldn't be the first thing,
I'm colorbling--but I don't have touble finding the location of sub-
woffers, ever.  Maybe it's an intensity thing and not phase, but....

> The phase thing is kind of interesting. If you have ever worked with a source
>  of
> complex data, like radars and some sonars do, you will know the
> aliasing band is the same as the sampling rate, instead of half it. The whole
> world of signalling processing looks interestingly different, and seems quite
> alien to those who have never tried it. Fun stuff.

Okay, this interests me.  I'm a computer E, which means half EE and half
comp sci, and a ham, so I find this comment *very* interesting.  Would
you *please* elaborate?  I've be very appreciative. :)

> > "Ein psychophysiologisches Gehoermodell zur Nachbildung von
> > Wahrnehmungsschwellen fuer die Audiocodierung"
> >
> > It's the dissertation of Frank Baumgarte.
> Can you point to an English or Chinese translation of that? I'm Germanically
> challenged.

As with any language other than the one that I happened to be born
near, I only speak enough to buy beer. :)  Okay, sometimes not even
that much. :(  But, anywhere that makes beer good enough to drink
speaks at least *some* english--or so has been my experience. Of
course, I've only been to the USA(home), Canada, Germany, the Netherlands,
Austria, and Isreal.  Never had any trouble ordering beer. :)  Never
been to china. :(


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