[vorbis-dev] PreBeta4/First Results

Aleksandar Dovnikovic aldov at eunet.yu
Wed Jan 24 13:42:31 PST 2001

"Monty" <xiphmont at xiph.org> wrote:

> > Monty, what about joint-stereo? There is no mention of it in this
>> pre-beta4?
> It's not in beta 4.  A number of new features aren't ready, but we
> didn't want to hold back bugfixes and other improvements for no
> reason.

What's the holdup? Trying to avoid all those joint-stereo patents -
or just don't want to release something that's not fully ready?

But anyway, I think it's good that this beta4 is released, because
it's much faster (I think that the speed increase alone would make it

Also, this new version gives pretty better VBR, because it encodes
some tracks at higher bitrate (that was needed, like vbrtest.wav from
lame page), and other tracks at lower bitrate, comparing to beta3.
I remember thinking while doing some test encodings with beta3: this
song should have lower bitrate (it doesn't sound that complex) or this
clip should have higher bitrate (because it produces artifacts). Most of
these things are now solved! :-) Maybe oggenc can read my mind? ;-)


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