[vorbis-dev] PreBeta4/First Results

Monty xiphmont at xiph.org
Wed Jan 24 11:54:25 PST 2001

> My results are:
> -b 100: 111 kbps. sound quality is inacceptable, sounds a little like an 
> old tape to me
> -b 112: 104 kbps, sounds ok for the bitrate/full stereo

These should be the same mode... unless Segher's mode_S is compiled
in, which it shouldn't be because it's broken.  Are these the
downloads Jack made?

> -b 128: 124 kbps, sounds a little "flat"

Yeah, the different modes are mainly the amount of 'bit depth' that
gets encoded.  Sort of like a false bottom to the audio, so the
impression that some depth got removed is accurate.

(More accurately, strong tones in beta 4 are usually encoded at
full/near-full resolution, and 'noise' has the depth limited. The
100-110 kbps mode limits tone resolution too.)

> The encoder tripled in speed compared to beta3 on my duron 700.

Ahh, good to know.

> I'm still waiting for the channel-coupling to compare the results to other 
> formats in a fair way :)

I can't wait either, but this isn't something that I'm going to rush ;-)

Thanks for taking the time to test it.


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