[vorbis-dev] How to copy encoded channels?

Lourens Veen jsr at dds.nl
Mon Jan 22 10:34:53 PST 2001

Rob Fletcher wrote:
> SO, does anyone have any thoughts about how to copy an existing
> encoded track into a new file, and at the same time sync in
> another.

Well, if we're not using joint stereo (I don't know how good it would
work on different channels anyway, does anyone have anything on that?)
then there could just be two Vorbis audio streams within one Ogg stream
I think. We need some form of syncing anyway for audio/video, so that
shouldn't be a problem.
> Hope you see what I am thinking about - I expect those who do
> any multitrack recording, either with hard devices (n-track
> tape, DAT, disk) or soft, with the likes of VST etc, will
> hopefully see where I am going.

Well I'm no musician but I see the point :). I've dabbled with a tracker
for a bit though, but gave up. As I said I'm no musician :)
> Regards,
> Rob.


PS: I like your music, electronic but different. And could you tell your
daughter that there's this Dutch guy who really likes her music?

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