[vorbis-dev] Wave Header Question

Philipp Kempgen kempgen at bnv-bamberg.de
Sun Jan 14 18:13:08 PST 2001

Monty wrote:

> AIFF is obsolete (replaced by AIFF-C)

AIFF is the first choice when it comes to editing sound files for later CD mastering. You don't have to implement any kind of encoder/decoder which makes editing AIFF files very fast and straightforward.

Not only can you store sound (wave) data but also track markers, MIDI data, application specific data etc. - virtually everything you could want.

For professional purposes you would not use compressed data (if not lossless), so what do you need AIFF-C (aka AIFC) for? (Yes, I know there is an option to save AIFF-C files *without* any compression.)

In my opinon AIFF-C supports too many compression schemes. It is not really a file format, it's just a wrapper.

> and supported only in the Mac and SGI worlds.

"The box said it requires Windows 95 or better so I got a Mac."

> [AIFF and RIFF]
> they're effectively the same wrapper.

Right. But I think .wav is only common in M$ Windows environments.



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