[vorbis-dev] Difference between compressed & uncompressed audio?

Ali Abdin aliabdin at aucegypt.edu
Tue Jan 2 22:06:57 PST 2001

On 02 Jan 2001 15:27:58 +0100, Aleksandar Dovnikovic wrote:
> "Lourens Veen" <jsr at dds.nl> wrote:
> > You could ofcourse buy the original cd, and not a copied one...
> I would, but living standard here in Yugoslavia is one of
> the lowest in Europe ($50-60 average pay) so hardly
> anyone can afford to give $15-20 for a original CD
> (as opposed to $1.5 for a pirated CD).
> Hell, even if you have the money you're gonna have
> a hard time finding the shop that sells original CD
> (95% of shops doesn't).
> I don't like piracy myself (because you should support
> the artists you like), but for now I'm stuck with pirated CDs...

Heh, sounds like Egypt.

Thats why Tapes are the dominant format here. This is very ironic since
it is actually _CHEAPER_ to mass-duplicate CDs than it is for tapes.

Damn the RIAA.


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