[vorbis-dev] Mac OS X / Darwin patch for vorbis-tools

Michael Smith msmith at xn.com.au
Mon Jan 29 19:36:05 PST 2001

Monty wrote:
> >   This patch (along with all the previous patches) gets oggenc and ogg123 working.  This does not get vorbiscomment working, although I assume that would be trivial -- just add the getopt stuff to the project just like I did in ogg123.
> I'd prefer a tool maintainer applied this one if only because I'm not
> well qualified to tell what might break.  If Jack or Mike wants me to
> do it (or they time out), I'll apply it and do a cursory build check.

This also looks fine apart from the dl stuff. I'm kinda busy here, and
don't have time to check everything, but it looks sane. 

(about vorbiscomment: yes, that probably needs the getopt stuff too - I
wouldn't bother, though. It's mostly useful as example code for how to
use the core vcedit.[ch] stuff, people won't really be using it much in
practice. vcedit.c doesn't need anything except libogg, libvorbis)

The dl stuff is only useful if you apply the other patch (for libao),
which I don't think should be done (it's really messy. libao needs
dynamic loading - if osX does it differently, then we should have an
alternative implementation for it (and similarly for other platforms, if
neccesary), rather than pretending we can do without).

Feel free to apply the rest (or the whole thing - it won't hurt), Monty.
If you don't I'll get to it later on.


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