[vorbis-dev] ogg pic format (again).. here's why

Gerry gerry at c64.org
Fri Jan 26 09:41:14 PST 2001

I sent a little mail some time ago asking if there was going to be an ogg
pic-format, and you replied that PNG, MNG and JNG is good enough (sorry for
this late answer btw).. But, consider this: The ogg video-format (tarkin ?
where do you get these names from anyway ? :) ) needs a way to compress its
frames. Are you going to use MNG for that ? :) ..
If you had an ogg pic format, that format could not only be used for normal
pictures, but also for animations and movies! Both pictures, animations and
"real" movies (should) have this in common: compress it to as good quality
and small size as possible. Why not make all in one ? This format could also
support some cool stuff that PNG doesn't, like layers. Actually, layers
could simply be a special kind of animation, where all the frames are put on
top of each other at once. Layered animations would then be animated
animations :) . In animations, layers could even be shared for different
frames! For movies this layer function could be used for fx. translation of
text in the picture (normal subtitling should of course be text with

So, what do you think ? :)


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