[vorbis-dev] Thread issues: clarification

Jeff Squyres jsquyres at lsc.nd.edu
Fri Jan 26 06:12:13 PST 2001

Monty --

I'm still running into problems with my threaded encoded, and I think I
just figured out why.

I have N threads running in parallel calling vorbis_analysis_blockout()
and vorbis_analysis() to do the number crunching on the input samples.
They all share a single vorbis_dsp_state -- my understanding was that this
was ok; they only *read* from the vorbis_dsp_state, therefore not creating
any race conditions.

However, I think I must have misunderstood, because in reading the code
from vorbis_analysis_blockout() and the functions that it calls, it
appears that there are writers of the vorbis_dsp_state (or, more to the
point, writers to some of the subsidiary data structures).

_ve_envelope_search(), for example, seems to be a problem.  It can realloc
some data associated with the envelope_lookup.  This is apparently causing
havoc with the multithreaded case -- as far as I can tell, some of my
threads get stranded using invalidated memory, and Badness happens from

Am I reading this right?  Is this a real problem? ...or was it designed
that way?

Did you intend that vorbis_dsp_state instances can be shared between
threads?  Or are vorbis_dsp_state instances now just stateless, in that
one can encode vorbis_blocks on different vorbis_dsp_state instances and
still get continuous audio output? (I don't know how to put that any
differently; did that make sense?)

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