[vorbis-dev] PreBeta4/First Results

Dirk Knop dknop at gwdg.de
Wed Jan 24 01:53:11 PST 2001

Ahoy again,

At 10:39 24.01.01, you wrote:
>Chris Moeller wrote:
> > Just to clarify to all, the mode activated by -b 100 is Segher's mode_S (as
> > he said, the S isn't for Segher) which I added for my own testing, feel 
> free
> > to compare, although it doesn't hit his intended target of 100kbps. 
> Sorry if
> > this is confusing :-)
>Put it through rehuff, and it will be 100. And this mode has some major 
>Working on it (my modes are very experimental).

Ok, I used the posted/precompiled rehuff.exe.... now the file is a little 
smaller than the -b 112 (real rate 104 kbps) (6.618kb vs. 6.641kb)... but 
it introduces a "squeaking" sound. It sounds like it is _broken_ (i don't 
know if you ever listened to a mp3 that you transfered in ASCII mode by 
accident... ;o) ).

Maybe the precompiled binary does something wrong?



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