[vorbis-dev] rehuff

OmegaDan dan at morrione.net
Tue Jan 23 15:33:07 PST 2001

May I ask a question? 

Why is the vorbis code generating non-optimal huffman
codes in the first palce?   I seem to recall there is
a greedy algorithim that always produces an optimal
huffman tree? ...


--- Segher Boessenkool <segher at wanadoo.nl> wrote:
> Hiya,
> Here is the sources to my "rehuff" program.
> ./rehuff in.ogg out.ogg
> does a lossless recoding of a vorbis stream. (It
> generates optimal
> huffman codes for the particular stream).
> This code is meant for developers only, until
> someone is kind
> enough to provide good build and configure support
> for it.
> I won't. And no installation help questions please.
> There is a little patch in here, which makes stream
> serialno
> handling easier for decoder programs. This is not
> the right way
> to do it(tm); anyone with better ideas please
> implement. The idea
> is that packet level routines shouldn't have to
> bother with page
> level stuff.
> Oh, and you need to remove the "static" from the
> _vorbis_pack_XXX
> routines in your vorbis source to build rehuff.
> There is a Makefile supplied, but you'll probably
> need to fiddle
> with it a bit.
> Have fun,
> Segher.
> p.s. bit savings results for average streams:
> beta1 5%
> beta2 2%
> beta3 1.3%
> beta4 2%

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