[vorbis-dev] "Infinite" wav files

Monty xiphmont at xiph.org
Sun Jan 21 15:59:15 PST 2001

On Sat, Jan 20, 2001 at 02:40:39PM -0700, volsung at asu.edu wrote:
> Okay, before I submit my patch to make libao produce sorta-streamable wav
> files, I want to know what these partial wav files do to various
> players.  I've posted two sample wav files on my webserver:
> http://volsung.dhcp.asu.edu/~stan/infinite.wav
> http://volsung.dhcp.asu.edu/~stan/zero.wav
> The first uses a riff and data length of 0xFFFFFFFF (approximately
> infinite) and second uses a riff and data length of 0.
> So far play (the frontend to sox) stops immediately on zero.wav and plays
> infinite.wav with a warning that the file terminated early.  XMMS won't play
> either one.  Let me know via private mail what these two files do to your
> favorite player.

Hm, some apps might treat the field as signed.  Try 0x7ffffff.


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