[vorbis-dev] Opportunity for Ogg/Vorbis in hardware...

Nathan Anderson andnat at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 19 12:19:29 PST 2001

Guys... I'm not subscribed to the list, but I've been reading your
archives for about a year, watched the progress, the push to Beta 1,
and been, frankly, in awe of some of the hard topics all of the
extremely intelligent people who have been tackling.  (I'm not too up
on my fractal compression and using splines to track pixel motion in a

Ok, that said, I was speaking with the people at ReQuest Multimedia
(http://www.request.com) about their product, the AudioReQuest Jukebox.
 Right now, they only support MP3.  I noticed on their webpage they can
upgrade the unit via software to support more codecs in hardware.  The
rep said they had an update to support wma audio in the works.  I asked
if they had any other updates planned.  She told me that they were
limited by the cost of licensing the codecs.  I naturally suggested
Ogg/Vorbis, and pointed her to www.vorbis.com.  I mentioned the Free
(Beer) nature of Ogg/Vorbis, and she replied with "For users, that is
usually the case, but we, a manufacturer, must pay licensing fees to
use/sell the encoders."  I informed her that I was aware of the
difference, and that the company would face NO licensing fees.

Monty, is there any way someone from xiph could contact this company
and maybe give them a (pseudo)corporate nudge?  This product is
advertised on thinkgeek.com, which is advertised on slashdot regularly.
 The only thing holding me back from purchasing this unit is that it
does NOT support Ogg/Vorbis.

I think that's all I had to say.  Your work here is phenomenal, I use
ogg everyday... :)

Thank You,

Nathan Anderson


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