[vorbis-dev] Oggenc bug & other

Attila Padar galileog at externet.hu
Sat Jan 13 17:02:31 PST 2001

I would like to send some bugs and bugfix(es):

1. There is an encoding bug in the beta 3 (downloaded exe from the
   vorbis.com) and in the latest CVS (jan. 10.) too (compiled with
   MSVC 6.0):
   If the file contains some non-audible noise at the begin or at the end,
   the encoder/decoder makes some large clips in the output file,
   if the bitrate is 350kbit/s . If I use 256kbit/s or less - it seems -
   the problem's gone.
   There is a sample audio file related to this problem at
   http://padara.tripod.com/TR12.ZIP and at
   locations. (a short wav and ogg file)
   This file is not a special case, I get the same bug at every 4.-5. song
   (ripped from CDs), usually at the end of files.
   Used command line options: oggenc.exe -b350 track12.wav
   (btw1: during the encoding we get a 'Domain error in acos' in the
    vorbis_lpc_to_lsp() function and at the decoding we get 'Overflow
    range error in exp', but I don't know where is that 'exp' function)
   (btw2: there is a comment in the lsp.c ... it writes about a possible
    bug in the floor finder...)
   (btw3: the beta2 encoder works properly on this file)
   (btw4: I read the mailing lists (vorbis & vorbis-dev) and it seems some
    other people also meet with the same problem (but some of them
    think so : the winamp plugin is bad)

2. The bitbuffer.c and bitbuffer.h sources are missing from some win32
    dsp files (ie: src\vorbis\win32\vorbis_static.dsp)...
    You should add them...

3. I cannot compile the Winamp-plugin, because the "httpstream.h" is
    missing... (and maybe other files too)
    Is that file part of MSVC or something other? Because I didn't find it
    on my MSVC CD either...

4. a small modification in sharedbook.c:
    float _float32_unpack(long val){
     long  exp =(val&0x7fe00000)>>VQ_FMAN;  // this have to be long, not
float (or not?)
     float mant=(float)(val&0x1fffff);
     if(val&0x80000000) // sign
      mant= -mant;

that's all
Attila Padar

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