[vorbis-dev] A masking test program

Robert Voigt robert.voigt at gmx.de
Mon Jan 8 10:31:24 PST 2001

>Maybe make it fixed but let the user say that he wants only a small
>portion and choose a random portion.  The idea is that most people
>wouldn't want to devote 160 hours to this, even split accross many

I quote from the todo list:
- Determine what combinations of frequencies and amplitudes should be
testet and what resolution should be used. At the moment all possible
combinations are tested at a luxurious resolution. The whole thing would take about
160 hours this way.

We can make assumptions about where no masking can occur, and don't test
these portions of the curves at all. It's just a question of making correct
(!) assumptions and implementing it in the program.

That way and by losing resolution in the curves we could go down to say
10-20 hours. Then we can still divide the whole thing into 4 independend
programs, separetely downloadable. That is masking between:

That makes 3-5 hours for each. Haven't calculated, just a guess. 

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