[vorbis-dev] Metadata streams

rillian at telus.net rillian at telus.net
Wed Apr 11 16:30:45 PDT 2001

On Wednesday, April 11, 2001, Monty wrote:

> [stream-description metadata]
>>  Yes, but this will not be XML.  I don't especially subscribe to the
>> view that XML is the perfect hammer for every nail (or in this case,
>> can of tuna).

I'm still not clear what a binary format for this would look like. 
Anyone have any ideas?

BTW, I don't remember if this has been mentioned or not, but someone on 
irc (I'm sorry, i don't know who) came up with a nice suggestion for 
solving the mimetype issue.

Various folks, notably the nautilus developers have requested separate 
mimetypes for primarily-audio an video ogg files instead of the current 
generic application/x-ogg, and a simple magic number method of 
distinguishing the two. It was generally assumed this would have to be 
done by putting said magic number in the toc bitstream header, and 
specing that substream must occur first to ensure a small, reliable 

The smart idea was to generalize that spec and just say streams whose 
content is primarily audio should just start with the vorbis substream 
(if there are any others) while a video stream should start with a 
tarkin substream. This avoids the when-there's-no-toc-stream issue with 
degenerate files.


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