[vorbis-dev] Problems compiling Mac Libs

Nick D'Amato nick at nouturn.com
Mon Apr 16 14:11:38 PDT 2001

Hey guys,

I just downloaded the latest beta 4 libraries and compiled using the
included Mac project files on Codewarrior 5.3. Everything compiled clean
except for a link error (multiple definition) on the vorbislib itself. I
suppressed the error, and got my newly compiled lib.

I then built the sample encoder and included the libs. I tried to encode a
file and BOOM! Frozen Mac!

So then I downloaded the pre-built sample encoder with libs included from
the Vorbis.com download page. It encoded my file fine. I then replaced the
pre-built libs with my freshly compiled ones and BOOM AGAIN! The encoder

I also tried the nightly builds. Exact same problem. I tried rebuilding the
projects, mutliple Macs, compiling on multiple Macs. These libs just aren't
working. It appears to be the vorbislib file that is freezing the computer.

Any suggestions? I'm dying to get this thing working, it looks great! I'm
intersted in building a free vorbis codec for Quicktime if I can get these
libs going.


Nick D'Amato
No U-Turn Software

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