[vorbis-dev] Problems with vorbisfile

Maciej Miasik maciek at detalion.com
Sun Apr 8 03:18:51 PDT 2001


>>I cut this fragment of code and pasted into my program in place of
>>ov_open() call. Unfortunately I couldn't compile it because I didn't have
>>prototype for _fseek64_wrap(). I already knew that seeking caused
>>and the vorbisfile lib would treat the stream as unseekable if the seek
>>function returned -1. I wrote a simple seek functions returning -1 and
>>placed it in the callbacks structure. After that the vorbisfile_example
>>compiled and run fine, and my version of the code as well. There's
>>definitely something wrong with vorbisfile library as Visual C++ users
>Well, other VC++ users don't have any problems with this, so it's 
>a problem with your setup specifically, not with libvorbis and MSVC 
>in general. There are lots of programs widely used which use libvorbis
>and MSVC (winamp and freeamp plugins are both compiled with MSVC, for

It seems that not only me had the same problem. I just saw bug #8 on
bugs.xiph.org which described the same problems I had. It may be a
single/multi-threaded library issue, but can this be fixed to work anyway?


Maciej Miasik - Game Developer 

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