[vorbis-dev] Titles and song info?

Ralph Giles giles at snow.ashlu.bc.ca
Sat Oct 14 14:39:46 PDT 2000

On Sat, 14 Oct 2000, Ali Abdin wrote:

> More on my work on integrating Vorbis with Nautilus :)
> For the track number, shall I check for 'TRACKNUMBER' or 'TRACKNUM' ? (If you
> ask me, I prefer the former).


> Secondly, MP3s have the 'Year' in their id3 tag info. Is there somethign
> similiar with Vorbis? I did notice that there is a 'DATE' but I think that
> will be "difficult" to use due to the /multitiude/ of date formats possible.
> Not to mention that it'd be a bitch to parse. Can the "DATE" tag perhaps be
> split into 'MONTH', 'DAY', and 'YEAR' - or can we just have an additional YEAR
> tag?

What about non-western calendars then? :)

You're correct that DATE can be an arbitrary string...can't you just
display it as such? Lots of people are just putting a 4-digit year there
anyway, so you could look for something like that if you need to sort.

The reason we shouldn't define MONTH, DAY, and YEAR tags is the vorbis
comment header is only intended as a casual reference. The 'real' metadata
goes in the as-yet-only-vaguely-specified xml/rdf header, where we'll
specify an actual date format. Wanna help work on that? :-)


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