[vorbis-dev] Finally. A deadline, and a call to arms...

Gregory Maxwell greg at linuxpower.cx
Tue Mar 28 05:35:04 PST 2000

Is the (erm, terminology kills) perceptually cacaded residue codebook
stuff going to be implimented by then or have you found the LPC floor
sufficent for representing the psychoacoustics?

On Tue, 28 Mar 2000, Monty wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I've been dickering around again, wasting the time away.... and today Brian
> Zisk (chief Vorbis Evangelist among other things) said, "Hey!  We need to demo
> to the world on the 4th of April!"
> Hooo boy.  Time to suck it up and bang it out.
> The Vorbis libs are not a problem.  I'm in process of checking in my new
> psychoacoustics (they're real pretty!) based on Ehmer's and Fielder's masking
> papers and making last minute updates to the libs and lib APIs.  This will be
> done in time, no sweat.  Libvorbis/vorbisfile are the least of my worries.
> Most of the work remaining to be done is in the details.  I need help, and I
> need alot of it in the next week. Here's a partial list:
> 1) The website hasn't been updated since August; casual observers may think
> nothing has been happening.... This requires mostly my own input but I wouldn't
> mind a few folks banging out HTML in the Xiph style.  I have a partial update
> completed (oh, we also need to get www.xiph.org into CVS).  Another nice touch
> that www.xiph.org needs (and must have eventually): Conversion of the whole
> site from GIF to PNG.  If we're going to be a movement, we gotta do it right
> (read www.burnallgifs.org for details)
> 2) The XMMS plugin works, but does not yet do seeking, streaming or EQ.  The EQ
> is waiting on an API addition, but the other two are not.  
> 3) Rob: How's the FreeAMP plugin going?
> 4) The command line player is only about 1/10th complete.  It's relatively easy
> code that just needs to plug into the libraries and provide playback for *NIX
> and Windows if we get to it.  I'd be having a blast on this one if I had time.
> 5) Documentation.  Aside from a single paper on the Ogg stream encapsulation,
> there is none (on the format, programming APIs, or general trivia).  I realize,
> of course, that writing docs requires understanding Vorbis.  Anyone with time
> to Hoover all the details out of me feel up for this? I'll give the outlines
> and start the documents, but I need someone to actually write the stuff... 
> To be fair, there's nothing in the code so incomplete it can't be demoed or
> shown, although I'd like a few more of the 'final' bitstream modifications in
> place before the world slashdots www.xiph.org.  My major concern is actually
> the website and docs; most folks will not be perusing the code to decide if
> we're for real.  They wanna play files (and at least know they can encode on
> the command line) and read pages.
> Monty
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