[vorbis-dev] More gcc 2.95.2 wierdness

Monty xiphmont at xiph.org
Fri Jun 23 23:21:45 PDT 2000

> > __inline_mathop_decl (log, "fldln2; fxch; fyl2x", "0" (__x) : "st(1)")
> > 
> > Does your version of the header have that 'st(1)' at the end?
> It has:
> __inline_mathop (log, "fldln2; fxch; fyl2x")

Unfortunately, you still have the glibc with the bug.  Not only does this 
cripple Vorbis, it will cause random failures in anything else you build that 
relies on floating point math.

Sorry :-(


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