[vorbis-dev] build process patches

Segher Boessenkool segher at wanadoo.nl
Sun Dec 31 13:08:37 PST 2000

Mike Coleman wrote:
> Jack Moffitt <jack at icecast.org> writes:
> > It doesn't work when you try to integrate things into standard packaging
> > systems.  How am I to know which set of libs you have?  Sure, OSS doesn't
> > require any libs, but ALSA does.  Monty uses alsa.  I use Esound.  Both
> > require libs, and neither of us has the other one.  We both like to use
> > packages (me, rpm, monty, debian) for installing things.
> Ok, I guess it was a stupid question; I can't think of anything better either.
> (I'm a debian guy, too.)

I see three different other solutions:

1) Link the alsa etc. libraries _static_. If you compile ao yourself,
you'll get only support for the audio systems you actually have; if
your binaries distributor compiles it, he/she can make sure to have
the libraries (and thus ao support) for all.

2) (This works at least on ELF and MS Windows targets): mark the shared
libraries you need not required to run your program.

3) Don't dynamically load your audio stubs, but have them static, and
load the audio libraries themselves. This still leaves us with
dlopen() etc., and although it is cleaner, some audio systems need
various shared libraries, so this adds some fuzz again.

I think 1) is easiest.

> This is actually kind of an obnoxious problem in general; reminds me of
> Windows (/me makes gagging sounds and motions).
> > Compiling it statically just doesn't work.  Doing it dynamically turned

Why not? I'm fairly sure I built a static ogg123...

Oh, yeah, the makefile target doesn't work. DIY...



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