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Gregory Maxwell greg at linuxpower.cx
Sun Dec 31 08:44:33 PST 2000

On Sun, Dec 31, 2000 at 04:48:20PM +0100, Aleksandar Dovnikovic wrote:
> "Marshall Eubanks" <tme at 21rst-century.com> wrote:
> > Well, a typical audio compression for "CD quality" is 9 to 1 or 12 to 1.
> > Since bandwidth prices are dropping by a factor of 2 every 18 months or
> > so, it will be 5 years or more until you could send uncompressed PCM for
> > the same price as today's compressed audio.
> Even if bandwidth price for sending uncompressed PCM in future gets
> where 128kbps compressed file is now, people will still use lossy
> compression because why wait for one song to download when you
> can get 9 or more songs downloaded for the same amount of time.

Not to mention that a smart enough lossey codec can be used to generate
better then cd quality:

For example, 16bits of cd audio, might be enough for signal to noise ratio,
but it's really not enough dynamic range. High bitrate vorbis, with sutible
A/D, and D/As has the potential to sound better then a CD at a comparable
or lower bitrate (i.e. by not wasting bits on stuff that you can't hear).

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