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Rod Taylor rbt at zort.on.ca
Wed Dec 27 07:30:22 PST 2000

> On Tue, Dec 26, 2000 at 09:52:13PM -0500, Rod Taylor wrote:
> > Code is almost never perfect, this is one way of attempting to achieve
> > perfection, and your right, it's very common with BSD.  Cuts down on the
> > people who aren't willing to learn new tricks, and makes cleaner code in
> > general.
> I resent that insinuation! ...

I'm not talking about taking a person out back and beating them down.  I'm
talking about the fact that no code is ever perfect, and it should be openly
discussed why.  Even if the person who wrote it doesn't particularly want to
hear it at the time.  Theres always room for improvement and it's much
easier to do if your told exactly where to look.

If I do something and everyone around me goes 'Thats great, it's the most
wonderful thing I've ever seen', then I'd immediatly backoff and so
something else assumming I'd achieved someone no-one else has.  If they
instead say 'Thats great but...' finishing the but with a reasonable
statement and an explanation to back it up then I'll take the point.  Heated
discussions come when the explanation wasn't reasonable or the words chosen
were poor.  Or, (as happens alot at my office anyway) someone uses the 'But
this is how I was told to do it in school' statement.  Even if it is the
best way, that reason for doing it isn't the right one as it shows lack of
understanding of what they brought out of their schooling.

Anyway, I'm only including the heated-discussions that have points behind
them.  Ones without points don't accomplish anything but to make people

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