[vorbis-dev] Error in Scales.h

Lars Brubaker LarsBB at reflexive.net
Sun Dec 24 22:20:29 PST 2000

> At 09:29 AM 12/22/00 -0800, you wrote:
> >Some errors compiling vorbis_dynamic
> >
> >Line 40 of Scales.h
> >was
> >#define toBARK(f)
> >(13.1f*atan(.00074f*(f))+2.24f*atan((f)*(f)*1.85e-8f)+1e-4f*(f))
> >Should be
> >#define toBARK(n)
> >(13.1f*atan(.00074f*(n))+2.24f*atan((n)*(n)*1.85e-8f)+1e-4f*(n))
> <snip>
> >The f is causing a compiler error "syntax error : 'bad suffix on number'"
> >
> This is due to a weird and pretty major bug in MSVC. At least it
> looks that way from my reading of the relevent bits of the standard.
> I've committed a workaround.
> Is this bug still present in MSVC6? It certainly causes problems
> here (I have a copy of version 5). If so, is there any useful way
> to submit real bug reports to microsoft?

Yes, I am running MSVC6 with the most recent patch.

I don't know of any good way to submit bugs to the squish.


> Michael

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