[vorbis-dev] ogg123 HTTP streaming (was Re: [vorbis-dev] Ports)

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Sun Dec 24 15:00:45 PST 2000

>Could you PLEASE wrap lines at 72 (or even something close) spaces?
>Thanks ...

My apologies. Though the setting for line wrapping in my client was still
set, it seemed to have forgotten to actually do the wrapping. I hadn't
noticed, since it wraps stuff on the receive end anyway. Oops. Should be
fixed now.

While we're at mail peeves, could you please trim posts when you're only
replying to one small part? :-)
>> Make sure your local webserver is specifying the correct mime type
(application/x-ogg, I think) - some systems will break if it isn't set.
That's my only guess for what's causing problems. Does OS/2 inherit the DOS
stupidity of text/binary files? That would cause this if you don't have a
mime type set.
>This is a biggie on my ogg123 cleanups. Current http streaming is very
>hacked up (*hack* messy *hack*), and really needs to go (but it'll
>stay for my first commit, which is just simple reworks and going in
>later tonight if I get a few more min^H^H^Hhours to work on it). Any
>suggestions for how to buffer in a cross-platform way? I'd like to
>avoid #ifdef'ing huge blocks of code, but I suppose that a small
>platform-specific section would be okay. Suggestions? Win32 coders:
>how easy is creating a thread and sharing memory? Can you do it in a
>separate file from the rest of the code (look at oggenc), or does it
>have to muck in the internals a lot? How about on Unix? pthreads, or
>is that too much of a mess to pull in? POSIX shared memory? I have
>tried a buffer using I/O on a socket between two forked processes, but
>the I/O killed it. It must be shared memory, unless I really code I/O

There isn't really a good AND cross-platform way of doing this, as far as I
know. You should be able to build a reasonable and not-too-complex
abstraction layer so that the main code doesn't see any of this, though.

Also note that since ogg123 doesn't work on win32 (and it wouldn't be all
that simple to make it work, plus it wouldn't be terribly useful - I doubt
win32 users would want a command line player), making this REALLY
cross-platform isn't the most critical thing. 

Merry Christmas,


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