[vorbis-dev] Be happy: ogg123 fixes (almost)

Kenneth C. Arnold kcarnold at arnoldnet.net
Fri Dec 22 12:18:06 PST 2000

I have been very busy for the last few months with school, during
which time Jack and others have taken over ogg123. Now I have a week
off for Christmas ("Winter Break" for the politically correct), so I
have some free time. And what better place to spend it than at my
computer? (heh)

So anyway I decided to take a look at (what's left of)
ogg123. Yuck. Eeew. Horror. The good news: I'm working on it
(yay!). The bad news: It's not ready yet. Probably by tomorrow I'll
commit my huge batch of fixes which are basically relatively simple
cleanups of what's already there. The bigger changes, like a frontend
interface, suid-root for audio devices, HTTP streaming cleanups, and
anything else that's suggested (I'm open!) will come later, if at

Future plans include a standalone Vorbis player/encoder in Qt, which
will be written by a friend of mine who knows about that graphics
library. This should come around next week if ever (but we have
serious plans, and it'll probably get done). I might take that
opportunity to get an MNG-over-Ogg player, significantly eased because
we will already be in GUI-consciousness.

Oh, that reminds me -- libvorbisenc? Status? Is it usable yet?



and I have been talking to Sean R. Lynch about video codecs (he is
always full of ideas :) but haven't gotten anything concrete
yet. Anyone else interested in video compression, we need to talk
synchronously sometime and get to that goal of
DVD-on-Zip-disk... wouldn't that be cool?

Kenneth Arnold <ken at arnoldnet.net> / kcarnold / Linux user #180115

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