[vorbis-dev] Java Development

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Mon Dec 11 17:01:28 PST 2000

At 01:49 PM 12/11/00 -0600, you wrote:
>Michael Smith wrote:
>> I'd suggest that you'd find it much easier, faster, and generally
>> better to write an interface (using JNI) to the native libvorbis.
>I see your point here. For speed (both of development and execution times)
>this would be best.
>I don't necessarily agree on the portability point though, in as much as I
>don't know how I would create all the JNI links (unix libraries, windows
>dlls, mac ?s) that are needed on each platform. I also don't own all the
>platforms I would like to be able to support to test this. Even for the
>ones that I do own, I don't own C compilers for all of them. With "pure"
>Java, I *generally* wouldn't have to worry about these details.

Yeah, I understand that problem. I thought it wouldn't really be an issue,
since from what you said you were interested in having this all working on
a backend database. In that case, you really don't care TOO much about

If there are any platforms you want libraries for (I'm assuming JNI doesn't
require any extra native/compiled code - that might be wrong) for which you
don't have a C compiler, do ask. I'm sure someone will be able to build
libraries for you.

>I guess my best course right now would be to JNI into libvorbis et al and
>then later provide "fallback" Java implementations. This would get me out
>of the "supporting libraries" stage much quicker and into the database and
>application stage which, for me, is more interesting. :)

Probably the best idea, in the end.


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