[vorbis-dev] Replay to the 'oggenc ideas/source and request' replays

Segher Boessenkool segher at wanadoo.nl
Mon Dec 11 05:58:03 PST 2000

>    a, it seems (maybe I mistake)  your wav routines do not handle the
>       wav-data-len value (readed from the 'data' chunk)...
>       read until the end of file is not correct, because sometimes the
>       wav file has got some extra infos/datas behind the audio data

Reading to the end of file is the best you can do, as this
'wav-data-len' field you mention, is corrupt in more streams than
the number of streams that have chunks after the data chunk. Best
of two evils.

> 5. 64 bits vs. 32: I don't know, because of this I would like to test it.
>    But I don't think so "it makes zero difference".

Some output will be different, but it will not be "better" if you use
64-bit floating point i.s.o. 32 bit.

>    I know, with 64 bits the program is slower with 20-25%, but if I can

More like 60%, once the complete conversion will be done.

>    get a little bit better quality on this way, I don't care with it.
>    (encoding runs 5 or 6 minutes? it's small difference)

As encoding gets more optimized, the difference will get larger and larger.

> 6.
> > You've put the entirety of libvorbis into a single file, along with the
> > encoder. Why?
>    My request was that: "If somebody has a little time, please make an
>    executable from this source"
>    I thought so, that 'somebody' can easily compile it, if all sources
>    are in one C file...
>    In my 'original' encoder, the functions are in the original, separated
>    C files (except the include files)...

MS C can't compile a file that big, I think. I once had it choke on
a 3-liner :-)



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