[vorbis-dev] Icecast and streaming vorbis

Geoff Shang gshang10 at scu.edu.au
Mon Dec 11 03:25:35 PST 2000

Hi all:

Ever since I discovered the OGG vorbis format, I have been keen to use it
and see it used for streaming applications.  As far as I'm aware, icecast
is the server being worked on to serve it (let me know if there are
others).  I was pleased to read comments on vorbis.org about icecast's
imminent support of vorbis.  However, a message forwarded to me by a friend
from the icecast discussion group has me a bit concerned (see
attachment).  Anyone subscribed to the vorbis user's list would be aware of
the need of streaming ability in the near future.  This includes the need
for a server.  The worry is that icecast won't support this soon enough due
to their being short-staffed.  It sounds like they can do with all the help
they can get, so I thought I'd mention it here, particularly since there's
been some discussion about it here already.  There appears to be no icecast
dev list, so perhaps you should E-mail the icecast team directly if you're
interested.  I would if I were a C programmer but I unfortunately am not.

To Jack, Chad and anyone else on the icecast team who reads this, keep up
the good work.  I for one certainly look forward to road testing any beta
(or even alpha) versions that become available.


Geoff Shang <gshang10 at scu.edu.au>
ICQ number 43634701

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Sorry this has been so late it going out, it's been crazy.

 Please excuse the loss of news and yp services. We are currently experiencing db problems. Considering the current 
state of things, I cannot give a estimated time till it is fixed. Please bear with us during this. YP is down, 
along with News.
 I will be updating the page as more progress is made.

 I know alot of you have had questions about the recent shutdown of iCast.com, and how that will impact icecast 
development. The core of team Icecast, has over the last year, consisted mostly of Alexander Havang (aka - Eel), 
Jack Moffitt, and myself (Chad Armstrong). Alex lives in sweden, and his current employment keeps him mostly away 
from Icecast development. Jack and myself are currently decompressing from this last year, but our first priority, 
Vorbis, Icecast will see continuing development. In a perfect world, we would be paid to work on Icecast, Vorbis,  
and other cool opensource projects, but that is currently not the case.

 We feel that working towards an opensource, royalty free audio codec is a higher priorty than an MP3 streaming 
server (soon to be the first vorbis streamer). (: Email will still be answered as time allows, Icecast is .not. 
dead, have no fear.

 By the beginning of the next year, we hope not only to get Vorbis 1.0 out the door but to also have Icecast in 
some shape to stream it. Granted, there are still alot of things yet to do, and anyone interested in giving a hand, 
is encouraged to do so.. (:

         The Icecast Team


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