[vorbis-dev] Whitespace standard?

Monty xiphmont at xiph.org
Sun Dec 31 12:23:55 PST 2000

> "Brian Havard" <brianh at kheldar.apana.org.au> writes:
> > Oh, and whoever wrote the ogg code must get an electric shock every time he
> > hits the spacebar. 

No, I just administer them.

> It's full of spaceless lines like
> > "for(packets=0;;packets++)if(pl[packets]==-1)break;"
> > Ew! :)

It's my own kink and I'm sticking with
it. *foo++-=*--bar**--quuxA-*--baz**quuxB++; is much worse, and I've
written that too (although not seriously.  It was in the new mdct).

> Is there any thought or hope of a switch to something like the gnu or linux
> (or any other) styles?  (I guess I could create a "vorbis" style for emacs
> cc-mode.  :-)

My 'style' is K&R standard except that I dislike spacing things out so
far that what could fit on one line takes up half the screen. I like
having as much functionality as possible visible together. I don't
intentionally obfuscate, it's just a religious distinction.

Feel free to write new code in whatever way you like.  Don't reformat
existing code, please.


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