[vorbis-dev] build process patches

Mike Coleman mcoleman2 at kc.rr.com
Sat Dec 30 18:44:45 PST 2000

Jack Moffitt <jack at icecast.org> writes:
> It doesn't work when you try to integrate things into standard packaging
> systems.  How am I to know which set of libs you have?  Sure, OSS doesn't
> require any libs, but ALSA does.  Monty uses alsa.  I use Esound.  Both
> require libs, and neither of us has the other one.  We both like to use
> packages (me, rpm, monty, debian) for installing things.

Ok, I guess it was a stupid question; I can't think of anything better either.
(I'm a debian guy, too.)

This is actually kind of an obnoxious problem in general; reminds me of
Windows (/me makes gagging sounds and motions).

> Compiling it statically just doesn't work.  Doing it dynamically turned
> about to be easy and fixed the problem correctly IMO.  What grief have you
> had? :)

The grief I ran into was using the 'debug' or 'profile' targets in
ao/src/Makefile, which fail to include the
'-DAO_PLUGIN_PATH=\"${exec_prefix}/lib/ao\"' flag, which causes the library to
silently look for plugins in /usr/local/lib/ao by default, which then causes
ogg123 to fail with a fairly inscrutable error message.

It seems to me that this needs to be fixed somehow.  My thought would be to
(1) make sure that flag gets included for the reasonable targets (including
'debug', 'profile'),
(2) remove the default, as it's not really useful, certainly not as useful as
discovering this problem at compile time, and
(3) maybe add a little text to the ogg123 error message to indicate, say, the
exact filename not being found, instead of just saying "no such device".


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