[vorbis-dev] CFLAGS / LDFLAGS

Jeff Squyres jsquyres at lsc.nd.edu
Sat Dec 30 09:14:27 PST 2000

On Sat, 30 Dec 2000, Michael Smith wrote:

> >It was?  Looking at the previous version in CVS (1.6), it wasn't.  1.7
> >didn't show up until tonight.
> It was. It was merely somewhere else (platform.h, since pretty much
> everything includes that anyway. That way I can have everything else
> being nice and ifdefless, at least mostly)

Doh!  Now I see what you mean.

Yes, the preprocessor guards are incorrect -- __sun__ is not defined by
default (at least for the Sun Forte 6 compilers).

My $0.02 is that it would be safer to explicitly test for <alloca.h> in
configure.  This would then cover all compilers/OS's, and not have to
create a case-by-case exception (I am against using explicity OS/compiler
tests to select chunks of code, wherever possible).

To this end, I attached a small patch:

- Patch 6: Check for <alloca.h> in vorbis-tools/configure.in instead of
relying on built in compiler preprocessor macros.  It's a similar style
check as the one for <memory.h> in the vorbis module, and doesn't require
a .h.in file.




Similarly, to go with Ken Arnold's reply about the getopt stuff that's
already in oggenc that needs to go in ogg123, perhaps proper tests for
<getopt.h> and the long_options type should also be added to configure,
such that the OS/compiler's <getopt.h> and the internal getopt() functions
should be used when available, instead of creating linker/header file
ambiguity by using the distributed versions.

Not hugely important, but it seems like the Right Thing to do.

{+} Jeff Squyres
{+} squyres at cse.nd.edu
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{+} "I came to ND for 4 years and ended up staying for a decade"

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