[vorbis-dev] Whitespace standard?

Segher Boessenkool segher at wanadoo.nl
Sat Dec 30 00:15:59 PST 2000

Brian Havard wrote:
> I've noticed that throughout the code there's quite a variety of formatting
> styles, especially the size of TAB characters (4 or 8) and size of indents
> (2 or 4). Is there any agreed standard for new code now?

As far as I can see, tab is 8 spaces, and indent is 2 spaces,
throughout the Vorbis code.

> Oh, and whoever wrote the ogg code must get an electric shock every time he
> hits the spacebar. It's full of spaceless lines like
> "for(packets=0;;packets++)if(pl[packets]==-1)break;"
> Ew! :)

That was my reaction at first, as well... But now I find myself not
hitting the long one, unless really necessary, as well. Still don't
think it's readable, though.

But we can use gnu indent, to change between "Monty readable code" and
"human readable code", of course |-)

(No flames please; this was a joke ;-)



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