[vorbis-dev] Ports

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Wed Dec 27 22:44:33 PST 2000

>I've tracked down the problem now. For some reason the 'seekable' test in
>ov_open_callbacks() (the seek_func(f,0,SEEK_CUR)) screws up the stream. If
>I take this out and force it to non-seekable it works just fine.

Very strange. Bug in the libraries, then. Another reason to rewrite that
code to not use stdio FILE operations for sockets. Not much can be done
other than that, if we have to deal with standard library bugs.

>Another small item, I had to add "fflush(opt.instream);" in ogg123.c at
>line 319 or the request didn't get sent and the 'Dump headers' code ended
>up in an infinite loop as it doesn't check for EOF.

Probably just a (reasonable) difference in implementation - I'm guessing on
unix, it sets it to non-buffered, the OS/2 'emulation' of this doesn't. I
can add that.


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