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Lars Brubaker LarsBB at reflexive.net
Mon Dec 25 13:20:41 PST 2000

> >In order to distribute a standard windows DLL we need to be sure that any
> >app compiled against it can use it correctly.  I've made sure that the
> >packing and calling convention are defined for vorbisfile.h.
> This is really ugly, windows-specific, and completely
> unnecessary. Not committed. The calling and packing conventions,
> being conventions, ARE defined for a given platform. If you
> choose to change them, it's your responsibility to make sure you
> can still use other code (i.e. you're putting this 'fix' into the
> wrong place. It belongs in your code, not in the Vorbis code)

It's far from "completely unnecessary" but it may be that I have to put it
in my code rather than the header.  I made a cursory look to see if there
was a pragma to set the calling convention and did not find one. I will look
more deeply into it and post my findings for any other poor individuals
stuck working with Windows.

> The correct way to do this (well, the correct way is to compile
> the entire project with the same calling conventions. Anything
> else is silly.) is to use pragmas to turn on/off appropriate
> things (I'm assuming there's a pragma to tell the compiler to use
> the standard calling convention).

I would agree if I were using the library statically.  However, it is not an
acceptably solution that any app using the Vorbis DLLs would have to change
it's calling convention to that of the DLL.

> This is also ugly, but far less than putting all that crap into
> the header file directly.

I don't know what your affiliation with the project is but I'm just trying
to help.  I don't see any reason to respond so rudely my work, even if
misguided, is an honest effort to add to the value of Vorbis.

I would hope that anyone wanting to contribute, especial in the form of
programming rather than simply suggestions, should be encouraged rather than


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