[vorbis-dev] Ports

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Sun Dec 24 20:24:39 PST 2000

>No problem. BTW, do you guys ever give out CVS commit rights?

Monty handles stuff like that. Generally, people who have shown themselves to be sensible and helpful get offered cvs access at some point.

>>I've moved some stuff around, so let me know if it actually works. Everything should be there apart from the lower_priority() stuff, since that's not sensible to have there.
>So far so good. What didn't you like about lower_priority()? I like to run
>things like oggenc at idle priority. Of course it would be better if it was
>optional which I can do if that's what you're concerned about.

It's something that belongs externally to the program. (i.e. 'nice', or the equivalent on non-unix systems). You're welcome to have it in your own copy, but it isn't going into CVS. 

>I've got more now including an OS/2 ao plugin & a dl -> OS/2 API shim to
>load it, making ogg123 work. I'll get it cleaned up & post it.

That'd be good. Is there a good/well designed library for cross-platform dynamic loading, so we could just use that instead of a heap of platform-specific implementations? 

>BTW, is http streaming in ogg123 supposed to work?

Yes. I don't know if it does, though. It requires a high-speed connection, since it doesn't do anything nice like proper buffering, and it's quite likely to not work on non-unix systems. I haven't tested it in a long time, though, so it might not work any more.


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