[vorbis-dev] Ports

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Sun Dec 24 17:58:29 PST 2000

>You would assume rightly. There's some minor patches & a handful of
>makefiles (I've called them watcom.mak). I'll start with the patches. BTW,
>Watcom C++ is cross-platform so can also be used to target Win32 or even
>DOS, probably with little if any modification..

Sorry about taking ages to get to these. I've been really busy, followed by a period of several days when I wasn't, but routing problems between here and xiph.org stopped me from actually committing stuff.

I've moved some stuff around, so let me know if it actually works. Everything should be there apart from the lower_priority() stuff, since that's not sensible to have there.


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