[vorbis-dev] compiling on Win32

OmegaDan omegadan at thehumbleguys.com
Tue Dec 19 08:46:12 PST 2000

Hi, I've been tinkering with vorbis for about a week now trying to get the
vorbisfile lib to compile under win32s, I was wondering if someone could
give me a hand as I've reached my wits end with it ...

I recieve the same message for every bat file (after customizing it for my
path configuration):

*---+++--- Building Vorbisfile (Dynamic) ---+++---
*Setting environment for using Microsoft Visual C++ tools.
*Setting include/lib paths for Vorbis
*This makefile was not generated by Developer Studio.
*Error: no project loaded.

If I try to load them in the VS GUI I recieve the same message:

*This makefile was not generated by Developer Studio.
*Continuing will create a new developer studio project to wrap this

However, the new project it creates dosen't do anything, won't export a
makefile, compile anything ...

I was hoping someone could give me a hand?

my software configuration is as follows:
Win2k Pro
Visual Studio 6.0 (no service packs)


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