[vorbis-dev] Oggenc ideas / source and request

Attila Padar galileog at externet.hu
Sun Dec 10 15:48:00 PST 2000

Hello everybody,
I've put some functions/modifications into the Ogg Vorbis encoder source.
(The new functions are in the first 500 lines of the oggenc.c, some
 are in the oggenc.h)
I hope, you can use it.

Here is the full source (same source on 3 locations):

what's new or modified:
- wav-header and wav-data-len handling
- multichannel encoding
- header update (after encoding) with an average bitrate value (into the
   vi.bitrate_nominal variable)
- 64bit floating point precision (maybe you say that it is not important,
   but I'd like to compare with the 32bit verision)

what's missing:
- stream support (stdin/stdout)

And I have a small request too:
If somebody has a little time, please make an executable from this source
with the same compiler witch was used to the beta3 encoder (for Win9x),
because it seems my Watcom C compiler doesn't like some parts of the
encoder (but the decoder works properly), and the compiled program
makes  a bad quality ogg file (sounds like a bad mp3 file (underwater
on 128 kbit/s) ...
And please send that compiled program (exe) to me...

Attila Padar

ps. I hope the program doesn't contain too many bugs

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