[vorbis-dev] added check/define for int64_t

Jeff Squyres jsquyres at lsc.nd.edu
Thu Aug 24 21:55:52 PDT 2000

On Thu, 24 Aug 2000, Monty wrote:

> > Sparc Solaris lacks an int64_t data type.  I added a macro to
> > detect/correct this problem.
> Existing autoconf checks should have been dealing with this. I'd
> rather fix the bug in the existing checks...

For this specific problem (no int64_t), it seems that SIZE64 is
AC_SUBST'ed near the end of configure.in, but it is not used in any
Makefile.in.  Nor is anything like "-Dint64_t=$SIZE64" conditionally added
to CFLAGS (although @SIZE32@ is used in a few of the Makefile.in's).

It seems that int64_t is used in multiple directories.  So it should
probably be in one of the vorbis .h files if the OS does not define it
(seems a bit more elegant than adding it to all the relevant Makefile.in
files) -- my $0.02.

Suggestions -- either:

- add Jon's test to configure.in, and only #define (or -D) int64_t if the
OS doesn't have it, or

- keep the current SIZE64 stuff, and #define (or -D) vorbis_size64_t to be
whatever $SIZE64 is (this is essentially how the SIZE32 stuff is done).  
i.e., use a vorbis-specific preprocessor symbol for the type name, which
is potentially slightly safer than #define'ing int64_t.

Either way is probably fine.

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