[Tremor] changes for subversion

Ball, Rick Rick_Ball at bose.com
Wed Jun 15 12:29:35 PDT 2005

Hi Monty/Pete, 

I'm new to the list, but I've been browsing the archives to try to
understand what's going on with this project.  I have a few

What's the status of Pete's c55x port?  I'm looking at doing a c55x port
myself, and I'd be interested in collaborating.

I diff'ed the lowmem and lowmem-nobyte branches and found that the only
thing that appears nobyte-specific is the stuff in bitwise.c, the rest
of the changes seem to be minor updates to either the lowmem or nobyte
branches that really apply to both - is this accurate?  If so, it might
be easier to maintain if we eliminate the nobyte branch and just add
some ifdefs in lowmem.  

Also, what's the answer to Pete's question about getting changes into
SVN?  I like the idea of putting the 64-bit and alloca (and probably 16
vs. 32 bit int) changes into the latest version, since most people (at
least those working with TI DSPs) will want the changes, and they can be
done such that they don't hurt other people.  I saw Monty's comment
about Tremor being a starting point rather than a finished project, but
it would be nice to make it the best starting point possible for the
largest number of people.

-- Rick 

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