[*VIP*] Re: [Tremor] Minimum RAM of the Tremor?

罗 强 jim_luo at realsil.com.cn
Mon Oct 18 18:14:06 PDT 2004

>On Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 09:34:18AM +0800, ?? ??  wrote:
>> I am also care of RAM usage, espacially on data segments.In my
>> 32bits MIPS embedded device, 49KB RAM (19KB for codebook, 6*1KB for
>> ogg buffers, 2*(4+2)KB for work buffer, 4KB for pcmout buffer, 5KB
>> for stack, other 2KB for structs and small infos.)  is needed to
>> store data segments EXCEPT FOR read-only data segment, that can be
>> stored in flash memory.  But 49KB RAM is still too large for my
>> device, Is there anybody run the lowmem-tremor under 49KB Data-RAM
>> successfully? Is it possible to run under 49KB data-RAM, or how much
>> RAM is enough?  Read-only data & codes are stored or run in Flash.
>If it's possible to pack codebooks into flash, yes, you can use
>considerably less space.  The codebooks need to be partially unpacked
>into a larger form from th header at the beginning of playback, but
>are read-only past that point.
>BTW, the 49KB figure you mention is already using the lowmem branch,

But I think that each ogg/vorbis audio file contains different codebooks,
does it means that playbacking of different ogg file need to write different
codebooks into flash. If it is, the flash frequently written may corrupt.
Yes, tremor mentioned by me is lowmem branch.I think it is the suitest tremor
for my device.
Thank Monty's answers.

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