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Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 18:04:15 UTC 2021


I have (slowly) worked these last couple weeks on the psychovisual model of
NHW because some people reproach me that it washes details out... so I
restored a little more details but this consumes some bits and actually it
turned out that it also decreases neatness, and so when you compare at the
same compression ratio, actually I find the current version visually better
because it has a better neatness despite washing out details.

So I would like to put forward that the main concept of NHW is neatness
(and also ultra-fast encoding/decoding), it's a total different approach
from AV1, VVC,... that relies on precision, but I start to find (and this
is my personal opinion based on my visual appreciation) that the current
version of NHW could prove the viability of neatness and of the NHW
technology.We can still improve it, but on the other side I am more and
more pessimistic that the industry would like to consider NHW, as for
example I have totally lost contacts, with AOM, MPEG, some major
companies,... since 2 years now.

Again, I write this message because I believe in my technology (and I am
certainly the only one currently) and so I would like to develop it, and
notably change my very difficult current structure with absolutely no
support that only allows me to work on NHW on my very few spare time.If you
think you can help me, like for example renewing contact with the industry
that is very cold with the NHW technology, please do not hesitate to
answer, it would be great!

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